Ready, set, tri


This week I have been gearing up for my first ever triathlon! I know, crazy! As you may remember a triathlon is on my 30 list for this year. I have been working to cross a few things off the list so far and this will be a big one.


This weekend I will be racing in Race on the Base. I have done the 5k a few times and the triathlon as a relay, but this will be my first ever complete tri. As I get ready I am nervous! I haven’t trained for it at all and now that it is here I am worried. What did I get myself into?

While our weather has been horrible the last month or so, it has been really hard to think about training. So this week I have put a lot of effort into mental training. A triathlon has many components and walking through it mentally can be a huge benefit. The transitions are especially important to be prepared for. Last week I bought myself a transition mat (more about that later). I decided to this to help me stay organized and it will be useful for other events like Ragnar.

Trying to figure out what to wear has been another struggle. It needs to be good to run in, comfortable for the bike, but also able to be swam in. As this is a sprint distance I am not going to change clothes between legs. So hopefully I have picked out a good outfit.

So here is my packing list… Am I forgetting anything? Let me know so I can pack it!


  • Tank top
  • Shorts
  • Sports bra
  • sweats (for before)
  • Ragnar Jacket (for before)
  • Flip flops (for after)
  • Comfy clothes (for after)


  • Running Shoes
  • Hat
  • Sparkle Skirt (I know not needed but so great!)


  • Bike
  • bike shoes
  • helmet
  • Water bottle


  • Goggles
  • Towel


  • Transition mat
  • Fuel/hydration

Next week I will recap the race, and do a full review of my gear (especially my new transition mat). I may even do a giveaway! Stay tuned.


Monte Rio and Jenner

A Couple weekends ago, I went to meet my parents on the Sonoma Coast. They came up to do the Monte Rio Olympic distance triathlon. I drove out Saturday night after my shift. The drive was dark but was beautiful … Continue reading

Barefeet, Boots, and Running Shoes

For months I have been trying to decide on a name for my blog. I have gone through so many different names trying to pick the right one. I wanted something simple that would sum up my life/my writing. I wanted something unique and somewhat catchy. I have google searched “blog names” and “coming up with a blog name” and so many other things. I have texted my mom (thanks mom) a million different names to see what she thought. All to still have a hard time deciding.

I realized recently that I am never going to come up with the “PERFECT” name. I realized that whatever I name it will become the perfect name. It’s not about what you name it but what you make of that name. So I have finally settled on a name. I introduce you to (drumroll)….

Drum roll

Barefeet, Boots, and Running Shoes

I was playing around with the idea of this name and decided I like and it’s kind of stuck. It sums up my traveling, my running/activities, and my loves. Let’s be honest don’t all women have shoes that reprent them? High heels, wedges, vans, toms, sandals, rainbows, boots? These three things are what I live in.

Barefeet: I love to be barefoot you can read about some of my barefoot adventures on my New Zealand Blog here. I went the entire month of May last year barefoot. Sadly, because I live in the US I can’t walk around barefoot everywhere so I wear sandals but I would rather be barefoot! (sandals just didn’t have the same ring to it as barefeet)


Boots: I also love boots. Every fall I look for a great pair of boots that I can wear while it’s too cold to go barefoot. Plus they look really cute! Also when I am hiking, hiking boots are essential.


Running Shoes: In case you don’t already know I also love to run and do all sorts of active things. For this reason I am in running shoes all the time.

When I travel I always bring my sandals, a great pair of boots, and my running shoes. These three are my go to items that I couldn’t live without! They sum up my blog through my traveling, my running and activities, my love for the outdoors, my love for life, and my love for the Lord.

So there you have it! Over the next week I will be revamping my blog a bit and hopefully getting a banner picture done. I have also created a facebook page you can find HERE. (like my Page) There I will be posting more about my running and activities, as well as other random things that go with this blog!

What shoes sum up your life? Are you a high heels type person? Maybe an army boots person? Or a simple barefoot person like myself?


(Photo from pinterest)

Running in Freezing Temperatures

photo 1

So, I recently came to Spokane, WA. I originally came to visit my sister for Thanksgiving, but circumstances have changed and I will be staying here for a while. So while I have been here I have been doing some running. My parents and I did a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning that was really fun!


photo 2

I thought it was cold when I first got here almost 2 weeks ago, but it has continue to get colder and colder.  The first run we did was like mid 30s, the turkey trot was 23 degrees, and each run continues to drop.  My run the other day was 18 degrees and the temp hasn’t gone above 16 degrees today.

photo 3


All this to say that I am going  to learn very quickly how to dress for and run in cold weather. I only brought Capri running pants with me and a thin jacket. So as it gets colder I am trying to find more tips for cold weather running.  If you have any tips please let me know and I will be posting tips that I find as I learn.

Team Tough Chik


This year my lovely mother sponsored me to join Team Tough Chik and I couldn’t be more excited!

Team Tough Chik is a group of women who support and encourage each other in events and races! My mom raved about it these last 2 years and I have to admit I was a little Jealous to start off with. This year she decided I needed to be a part of the team and I am so excited to join these Women! It is such a great support system and encouragement especially when it comes to races and competitions in sports!

So high five for a year full of exciting races and encouraging others reach there goals!!

I also signed up for the Tough Chik Ragnar team for Ragnar Relay in April! I’m a little nervous about that and really need to start running more! but more about Ragnar in another post!

Combination of All Blogs

Over the years I have had sooooo… many different blogs. Currently I have 4 That I try to keep updated and just can’t keep up with them all. So I decided recently to combine all of my blogs into ONE!!! All the other blogs are still up and working and everyone can still read them and check them out but, from now on I will just be updating this one with a little bit of everything! The 4 blogs I was trying to post to are My Personal Blog: That’s ME, My New Zealand blog, my Running Blog, and my Random Facts about Random Things blog. So if you want you can go back and check those past posts out but there won’t be anything new there.

On the right hand side of this site there is a categorizes menu, that will direct you to specific posts on this blog. SO, if you want to only read about my running and cycling posts you can just click that link 🙂

I will attempt to be better at updating my blog here.  Thank you to all my lovely followers sorry for being so crazy sometimes!