Ragnar 101 pt1

I Recently did a Ragnar 101 event on Facebook. It was successful so I want to share some of my information with you! It will be in a few different segments.

What is Ragnar Relay and  how does it work?

There are two types of Ragnar Relays, Road races and Trail races. So far I have only done the road races, so most of my information is about the road version of Ragnar. I will try to include as much trail information as I can throughout. I do plan to do a Ragnar Trail this year!

Ragnar Races are 12 person (Road) or 8 person (Trail) relay races. Each road races covers around 200 miles of running as a team. The team is split into two vehicles with the first 6 runners in one and the second 6 in the other. (more about vehicles in another post). Each car does their 6 legs letting one runner go and driving to the next exchange to switch out runners. Once all runners in their car have done their first set of legs they hand off to the other car and then go get food and rest before their next set. Each runner runs 3 separate legs of the race averaging around 12-15 miles total. Most teams finish in around 24-30 hours.

Teams can have less runners if needed for the team. In 2015 our Napa team only had 8 runners. It ended up being really fun as we were all in one van together and got to be one team for the entire race. In this race we skipped the set of legs that those runners would have done. Some people choose to make up those legs by running extra legs when they do not have enough runners.


For a typical Road Ragnar the cost per person without hotels usually ends up around $300. This depends on what car you use or rent, decorations and team shirts ordered, sleeping arrangements, food, gas, etc. This seems like a lot of money, but it can be done cheaper. If you are willing to cut out conveniences and comfort you can make your Ragnar experience pretty cheap.

When you form a team it is best to get all the registration money up front. This makes people have a financial commitment in the race and they are less likely to drop out. Nothing worse that trying to find a replacement last minute because team members aren’t committed.

So if you have decided you are going to do a Ragnar Relay check out their website to decide which race you want to do. I love Socal and Napa! Then find 11 friends (or strangers) to sign up with you and form your team. Then start the planning and training process. My teams have always been from different states and countries. This can make planning difficult. We usually set up a private Facebook group for the race so that we can talk about all things Ragnar and make plans. If not everyone has Facebook, we usually do group emails.



On the way home from Paris we spent a few days in Boston with our friend Brittany. It was so nice to see her and see Boston. Sera had never been before so it was a treat for sure!



Maine Light House


Bissel Brothers Brewery


Rising Tide brewery



Went for a RUN!





Boston Marathon Finish



Freedom Trail





Longfellow House


Harvard Quidditch



Train from Maine to Boston



Brewery Tour

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30 for 30

In march I will be turning 30. Yes that’s right the big 3-0!!! Crazy! I never thought I would turn 30! It just seems so old and grown up. The other day I registered for a race in april and the confirmation said age on race day: 30. That was the first time it really hit me. I will actually be 30 soon! 

So to celebrate turning 30 next year I plan to accomplish 30 different things throughout the year! 30 for 30! Some of them are big things others are small.  I plan to write about them as I finish them and can’t wait to share the adventure. So here is the list

1 complete a Triathlon

2 earn my masters degree 

3 complete a marathon

4 try something new

5 hike part of the pct

6 jump waterfalls

7 do a pub crawl

8 get a puppy

9 run a Ragnar trail 

10 do a harry potter marathon 

11 got to 30 breweries

12 travel somewhere new

13 run to the 44

14 go camping with my dog

15 write 30 encouraging letters

16 get a massage

17 go to yoga class

18 see 30 different animals 

19 go to 30 cities 

20 see 30 bridges

21 do a 30 mile bike ride

22 play slots 

23 eat at 30 donut shops

24 do a full 30 day workout

25 go on a multi day road trip

26 see a play or concert 

27 watch all the rocky movies

28 spend money on something ridiculous but wanted 

29 learn something new 

30 get a tattoo

Some of these are pretty big goals so hopefully I am able yo accomplish all of them. I am particularly worried about training for and running a marathon! Wish me luck! 


We are on our way to Paris!! Sorry for the lack of blogs recently its been a busy season! I promise lots of updates coming soon. 

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When the run sucks

I can’t be the only one that has horrible runs sometimes. It probably happens more often than I like to admit. Today I was supposed to run 10 miles but only got 7 in. The first few were fine, the normal walls but nothing significant.


Around mile 5 I was really starting to feel it. I pushed through the mental blocks which is never easy, and then my legs kept screaming. I felt like I was 1000 lbs trying to run. Every step was crap. After the 7 miles I was supposed to repeat a 3 mile loop but decided I needed to stop. I stopped and walked 2 more miles before I got in my car.


Instead of being depressed that I didn’t finish the 10 miles I decided to be proud hat I finished 7! A year ago I would not have been able to do that. Then I started looking at what my run possibly suck so I can make sure the next is better.

-I didn’t eat very well this week. Fueling my body is super important. I didn’t really eat breakfast either. Always a mistake.

-sleep: I have been working nights so I didn’t sleep very well last night.

-pace: I have been working on pushing my pace and I have gotten used to trying to push it a little. I definitely did the first mile too quick.

-intervals: for my long runs I usually do 5:1 intervals, today I decided to do mile:1 intervals. With all the other problems I should have stuck to what I know.


I’m thankful that I have enough weeks before my half that shorter bad runs don’t throw off my training completely! Hopefully next week is better!

What do you do to get through bad runs? How do you get over it and move on?