30 for 30

In march I will be turning 30. Yes that’s right the big 3-0!!! Crazy! I never thought I would turn 30! It just seems so old and grown up. The other day I registered for a race in april and the confirmation said age on race day: 30. That was the first time it really hit me. I will actually be 30 soon! 

So to celebrate turning 30 next year I plan to accomplish 30 different things throughout the year! 30 for 30! Some of them are big things others are small.  I plan to write about them as I finish them and can’t wait to share the adventure. So here is the list

1 complete a Triathlon

2 earn my masters degree 

3 complete a marathon

4 try something new

5 hike part of the pct

6 jump waterfalls

7 do a pub crawl

8 get a puppy

9 run a Ragnar trail 

10 do a harry potter marathon 

11 got to 30 breweries

12 travel somewhere new

13 run to the 44

14 go camping with my dog

15 write 30 encouraging letters

16 get a massage

17 go to yoga class

18 see 30 different animals 

19 go to 30 cities 

20 see 30 bridges

21 do a 30 mile bike ride

22 play slots 

23 eat at 30 donut shops

24 do a full 30 day workout

25 go on a multi day road trip

26 see a play or concert 

27 watch all the rocky movies

28 spend money on something ridiculous but wanted 

29 learn something new 

30 get a tattoo

Some of these are pretty big goals so hopefully I am able yo accomplish all of them. I am particularly worried about training for and running a marathon! Wish me luck! 


2 thoughts on “30 for 30

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