See Jane Run Half Marathon


I was really sad when my half marathon memorial day weekend was canceled. I had trained so hard and was so excited to do back to back half marathons. thankfully I had already signed up for the See Jane Run Half Marathon Jun 5th.


Since the Shasta Cascade Half Marathon was canceled, it threw off all of my training. My taper week ended up being two weeks, as I didn’t know how to adjust my training for an extra week. The two weeks before this race I didn’t run much and it was so hot I didn’t want to get out and move as much either. The week of See Jane Run I worked full night shifts (915pm-730am) so my sleeping was thrown off. It seemed like everything was against me doing well on this try.

I drove down to Alameda Saturday morning after I got off my shift with no sleep. When I got there I talked my parents for a while (who flew up for the race). Then we headed over for the expo to pick up our packets and drive the course.


Finally I took a nap, ate dinner, and got my stuff ready for the race. I was so excited to get some sleep.


The best part about staying right by the race start/finish line is that you can sleep a little later and not get up so early for the race. I was able to sleep until 650am as we didn’t have to leave for the race until 7ish! My Uncle dropped us off and we were excited to get started! The temp was in the 60s perfect for racing!


This course is beautiful right on the water and across the bay from San Fransisco. I didn’t end up taking any pictures during the race as I was in the groove and didn’t want to take out my phone 😦


The first 6 miles I was feel pretty crappy. I felt slow and lacked energy. It was hard to stay motivated and not give up. I really wanted to PR so I just kept pushing. Around Mile 6 I started feeling better and started pushing my pace a little bit more. I decided that I wasn’t going to look at my pace, distance, or anything on my watch. I just wanted to run and listen to my body and not a specific pace.


Finishing felt great! I was tired and was happy to be done but my body felt good. I was so excited when I stopped my watch and realized I finished in 2:36:27!!! That is a PR by 6 minutes!! I was super excited!


See Jane Run gives finishers food, champagne, and Chocolate. It was such a great thing to finish with! I wanted for my parents to finish. They are both recovering from injuries so they took their time and finished around 3 hours.


After the race we walked most of the way back to the house before my Uncle picked us up and drove us home.


It was such a great race and I am definitely putting it on the list of races to do next year.


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