Monte Rio and Jenner

IMGP4565A Couple weekends ago, I went to meet my parents on the Sonoma Coast. They came up to do the Monte Rio Olympic distance triathlon. I drove out Saturday night after my shift. The drive was dark but was beautiful on the coast. I was excited to see it during the day.


Sunday morning we got up really early to drive to the triathlon site. It was beautiful.


We waited around for the tri to start and then I was able to cheer my parents on and take photos while I waited for them to finish. I was even able to run little pieces with my mom and talk to people about Ragnar.


Dad coming in from the bike


They got to run over this super cool bridge.


My mom has super strong transitions! During her transition to bike there was a man stripped fully naked in the transition area. Full moon for all of us. GROSS!


Mom Got a kiss from a puppy during her run! She said it made the whole run better .


Dad Running Strong! Almost done!


Dad finishing


Mom almost finished!


After they finished  we went to lunch at a little cafe. Then we headed back to the hotel so they could shower.


After getting refreshed we headed out for the Rodney strong winery. It was a beautiful vineyard and my parents enjoyed wine tasting.


Then we headed for a brewery near by for dinner and beer. We ended up at bear republic brewery in Healdsburg. Healdsburg is a cute little town. I really enjoyed.


Monday morning we slept in a little and then walked over to a cute bakery for breakfast. It was right one the water. Jenner is a beautiful area. I would love to spend more time there and do some paddle boarding in the river.


Even Kiwi got to enjoy the beach


Next we drove over to the beach where the seals were. It was so fun seeing the baby seals. It was so nice to be at the beach and enjoying the sand.

Sadly my parents had a long drive home so we drove to Petaluma for lunch. That way they could drive home and I could drive to Sonoma for the night after lunch.


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