Shoeless Walk

Did you know you can send a kid in Cambodia to School for a Year for only $13.25?

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As most of you know I love being barefoot. It is freeing to feel the ground beneath your feet and to just be free of shoes. Sadly here in the US we can’t go everywhere barefoot. Most stores have signs that say “No shirt, No Shoes, No service.” I have gotten away with going barefoot into some of these places, but let’s face it America is dirty and most places I feel like I will get some kind of disease going barefoot. So I stick with sandals pretty much all the time.


When I lived in New Zealand I was able to go most places barefoot. If I was running into a store quickly, I would just go in barefoot. If it was raining I would just leave my shoes in the car instead. While I was in New Zealand I met a girl named Katie Boom who was going a year without shoes to raise money and awareness for Children in Cambodia in need of school supplies. She is an amazing woman and has been barefoot since then (3.5 years)! Through winters, on rocks, and wherever life takes her.


As some of you know I went barefoot during the month of May while I was in New Zealand barefoot in order to raise money for children in Cambodia in need of school supplies. Each year I have participated in Shoeless day that is in October. (I participate as much as I can). I have recently begun barefoot running as well and pray for Katie and these kids through every run!


This weekend Katie has committed to walking 33Kms (20.5 miles) barefoot in Wellington. That is a long way to walk with or without shoes. It is amazing to watch the things Katie does for these Kids and to keep them in school. She is hoping to raise $15,000 dollars through this walk for these kids and she has already raised over $9,000. For 20 New Zealand Dollars (only 13.25 US dollars) we can send a kid to school for a year!

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Please consider joining her in this effort by donating, going barefoot, and or praying. You can donate here Shoeless Walk   or    learn more about shoeless and these kids on her website shoelessnz. You can even follow her journey during the walk through Facebook.


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