When the run sucks

I can’t be the only one that has horrible runs sometimes. It probably happens more often than I like to admit. Today I was supposed to run 10 miles but only got 7 in. The first few were fine, the normal walls but nothing significant.


Around mile 5 I was really starting to feel it. I pushed through the mental blocks which is never easy, and then my legs kept screaming. I felt like I was 1000 lbs trying to run. Every step was crap. After the 7 miles I was supposed to repeat a 3 mile loop but decided I needed to stop. I stopped and walked 2 more miles before I got in my car.


Instead of being depressed that I didn’t finish the 10 miles I decided to be proud hat I finished 7! A year ago I would not have been able to do that. Then I started looking at what my run possibly suck so I can make sure the next is better.

-I didn’t eat very well this week. Fueling my body is super important. I didn’t really eat breakfast either. Always a mistake.

-sleep: I have been working nights so I didn’t sleep very well last night.

-pace: I have been working on pushing my pace and I have gotten used to trying to push it a little. I definitely did the first mile too quick.

-intervals: for my long runs I usually do 5:1 intervals, today I decided to do mile:1 intervals. With all the other problems I should have stuck to what I know.


I’m thankful that I have enough weeks before my half that shorter bad runs don’t throw off my training completely! Hopefully next week is better!

What do you do to get through bad runs? How do you get over it and move on?


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