Stride box

Ok I admit! I have been wanting some kind of subscription box for so long. You know where you sign up and you get a surprise box every month! I love mail especially when it’s unexpected!

Most subscription boxes are so expensive I just could not justify it. Especially when you may hate everything in your box. On a running group I am a part of someone posted about stride box. I looked it up and it’s only $15 a month including shipping (most charge an extra 5-10 for shipping). So I debated and finally signed up.

They charge you $15 right away and Send you the most recent box. Yes! First month you get 2 boxes!! So today I got my first box!


So exciting! First off the box is nicely packaged and includes a card with all the info for your products on it. PERFECT!

So here is what is in my box.




My favorite so far is this foot cream. It’s great to use on my toes to help prevent blisters and chafing

Although I don’t use these arm bands it may come in useful if I am just going on a quick run and don’t need to take anything except a key or money with me.

So far it feels worth it to me! One I love the surprise, two I get to try all sorts of products without buying them individually! We will have to see when I have a few more boxes!


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