Race Training

Training plan…


People always ask me what training plan or how I train for races. For me training is all about training smart and listening to my body. With that in mind I make a schedule for the months leading up to my race and stick to it as much as possible.


As my back can be an issue if I don’t take care of it I only run 3 times a week. Sometimes less if I really need the extra rest. I also stretch EVERY SINGLE DAY. And foam roll after every run. Hydration is also important so I make sure always carry a water bottle everywhere I go.


Here is what my training calendar looks like for my up coming race. Remember I just did a half marathon so my body is already used to some distance.

I created this plan from a mix of a few different plans and listening to my body. I know what I can handle and what I can do.

Race Training Schedule

Every short run has hills and almost every long run has hills. (I live on a mountain so there is elevation as well)  if my time before a race allows I run longer distances twice so that my body can get used to it. I try to do the first one slow intervals. The second one I try to push myself a bit and really listen to my body.

images (3)

I have a few Pilates Dvds I follow and sometimes workout dvd like Jillian Michaels for strength days or just do my own strength work. I do not have a gym just hand weights, resistance bands, and a ball. My cross training consists of hiking, paddle boarding (in summer), dvds, PE with my students…

Rest days are rest days. I do not do any work outs on rest days. I walk to and from like normal but I try to let my body completely rest those days.

What do you do for your workouts? How do you train for races?


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