Overcoming Obstacles

In life as in running there are many obstacles that get in our way. We have to push through, climb over, crawl under, and run fast to conquer this obstacles and beat the odds. Many times the obstacles never get easier but we build our confidence in overcoming them.


A few years ago I was having a lot of pain while running. I went to multiple physical therapists and finally found out that I have a fracture in my L5 vertebrae that pinches my nerve. This fracture will never heal and I was told either stop running or deal with the pain. With focus on my form and being careful the fracture won’t get worse.

images (1)

Since that time it has taken a long time to work my way back to enjoying running again and feeling confident. Over the last few years I gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of confidence.


Last July I decided to take back my life and take back my health. Instead of letting obstacles stand in my way and defeat me, I decided to work and overcome them. I decided I was the only one standing in my way and I was the one that has to fight for myself.


In August I started running more consistently and eating healthy. I signed up for surf city half marathon and committed to making a difference in my life. It has not been an easy journey. I have failed in the last few months many times and let the obstacles defeat me. Every time I had to pull myself together and push to learn how to overcome each obstacle.


Over the last month my back has started giving me problems again and I have had to be extra careful. I went back to my doctor and they said everything looks good and hasn’t gotten worse which is great! I need to be careful with anything that causes me to arch my back and be extremely vigilant in correct form. They didn’t say I can’t run, they didn’t give me an excuse to be lazy, but to be careful.


So here I am. I have lost 30 lbs and still have another 30 to go. I ran a half marathon a goal I never thought I would accomplish again. I feel more confident and have more energy.


Whether your obstacles are injuries, time, motivation, or just yourself, you can over come them. Push through, over, under, around, or whatever you need to do to conquer those things that are in the way of your confidence and happiness. Become the person you were meant to be and the best version of yourself. You CAN do it!!

What obstacles and hurdles are in your way? How can you move forward to a beautiful, confident self?


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