Happy Birthday To Me

Ok I know I have been promising to update forever! For real I am going to be working on updates a lot more and finally get caught up! They are totally going to be out of chronological order but atleast they will be up!!!

So the first one is from my birthday trip to Sacramento!


I have been begging my parents to come up and visit me. While I was not able to get them to come visit me, where I work, I was able to get them to come to Northern California. My parent’s decided to fly up to Sacramento to visit me for my birthday.


Alright my birthday did not start the way I thought it would. It was great though. One of our dogs happen to go into labor on my birthday. It was kind of exciting. I spent the first half of the day sitting on the cold floor watching Euphrates have contractions and not have any puppies. By the afternoon, I had to leave in order to pick up my parents from the airport. I was sad to be missing the birth but, I knew Megan had it under control and things would be fine without me.

I headed down to Sacramento to pick up my parents! I was so excited as I drove down. Finally I made it to the airport and pulled up to the curb. To my surprise I saw my grandma standing with them at the curb. I was thrilled to see my grandma. My parent’s bought a last minute ticket for my grandma to Sacramento and picked her up and told her to pack a bag. It was awesome!! Best birthday surprise ever! That night we did very little. We just went to the hotel and went out to dinner.


The next day we decided we needed to explore Sacramento a little bit. We started with walking/running along the American River. This was a beautiful area.



Next we went over to the Capitol building and old town Sacramento. Sacramento is the state capitol of California. Like most state capitols there is not that much available to do in the city. The capitol building is beautiful. It was interesting to see where the California government runs.




Old Town Sacramento is the one place I had been to in Sacramento before. It is such a cute little area. I love all the shops down there and the old town feel.


We even found a tardis!

In Old Town Sacramento is the train museum. This little museum is cool. It has some amazing old trains. You can even go in some of them. One is set up like an old train car that shakes as if you are on an actual train. Another is set up like a dinning car. You can walk through it and see all the old menus and dinner ware.


The next day we went to Fort Sutton. It is an old fort that has been refurbished and rebuilt to show people what life used to be like.


We also went to the Folsom Zoo. This was my favorite part of the entire trip. I loved the Folsom Zoo. I wish I lived closer to it. I would probably be there every day.


The Folsom Zoo is an animal sanctuary and rescue. They rescue animals from all over the place and give them a safe place to live and recover. On each of their cages they have a sign that says where they got the animal from and why they ended up with it.


The mountain lions were my favorite to see. It is beautiful to see them up close. I really don’t want to meet them in the wild though J

The next day we went on a little hike before I took them back to the airport and said goodbye. It was so sad seeing them go but, I was so thankful for the little time that I got to spend with them.




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