Ashland and Picking Up Kiwi

For a long time I have wanted a hedgehog as a pet. I love hedgehogs! They are so cute! I finally committed to getting one and found a breeder in Oregon that had them available. For a few weeks I prepared for my new addition and researched more about owning a hedgehog. Finally the time came for me to drive to Ashland and pick her up.


IMG_2864seen at a viewing point on the drive

I decided I would drive to Ashland Sunday afternoon and camp for the night before picking up my baby on Monday. Ashland is a beautiful area and I found an awesome campground in Mount Ashland. This campground is free and fist come first serve. It is also located on the Pacific Crest Trail. It was beautiful there and a little creepy. The campground is out in the middle of nowhere. I immediately wished I had taken a friend with me. It’s one of the places you imagine off of TV shows about serial killers. I decided to sleep in my car (thankfully it’s big enough). When I woke up in the morning it was beautiful!



I went to Ashland city to find some breakfast and a walk. I got some breakfast at a Café and then found a cemetery to walk through.



Finally it was time to pick up my little hedgie. I arrived at the pet store and talked with the owner. The Ashland Pet Store is so cute. The owner breeds a lot of the animals on her own including hedgehogs. She brought the Hedgies out so I could see them and pick the one I wanted. Walking in I already had my heart set on a girl but was trying to keep an open mind.


her cage all ready for her to come home

She had 2 boys and a girl left. One of the boys was albino; the other boy was Pinto and refused to uncurl. The girl was pinto and so cute. She was shy but still curious. I immediately knew I still wanted the girl and thanked the Lord that she was out and curious. I bought her and headed back for my car to go home.


in the box on the way home

I was worried about the car drive and how she would do. I prayed over her the whole drive home and prayed she wouldn’t get car sick. She is such a trooper. She made the drive great and settled in pretty quick in her new home.


It has taken her some time to get used to me and the new surroundings but she has become comfortable here. She is so cute and I can’t wait to take her on all kinds of adventures!



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