The week of July 4 m parents and our good family friends (more like family) were staying in Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa is about a 4.5 hour drive from where I live so I decided I needed to spend my days off with them. I drove down on Sunday morning and met them at their time share. It was a beautiful drive.

IMG_2606    IMG_2607

When I got there they informed me we were going to eat at the Russian River Brewery. I was very excited about this because while I don’t like wine, I really like beer. My cousin Cameron loves The Pliny Elder at Russian River so I was excited to try it. When we go there Jay ordered the sampler which has a glass of each beer so you can try all of them. After trying a bunch of different ones we ordered our beers and some Pizza bites. The beer was good and the Pizza was really good as well.



The next few days were spent at Winery’s doing tastings.  The Napa Valley is a beautiful area and we enjoyed time outside. I really enjoyed relaxing and taking more time with family.



I was even able to meet up with my friend Grace and her adorable kids. They live in Santa Rosa and it was awesome getting to spend some time with her and meeting her kids. I definitely want to go back down there another time to see them.


I even found a cemetery to walk around

It was a great few days that were over too quickly.


Surprising my sister


My sister Sera is currently in Hungary. I am so jealous. I always want to be traveling.

Before she left she flew down to California for a week to spend time with my parents and to meet up with friends. What she didn’t know was that I bought a plane ticket down to Orange County so that I could surprise her and see her before she went to Europe. I only have 3 days off (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday), so I got off work early Saturday and drove down to San Francisco to catch an early morning flight to Orange County.

My flight was delayed out of San Francisco (like all of my united flights through SF) and I arrived a few hours later than planned. My mom thankfully was able to keep the surprise. When they pulled up to the curb and saw me she jumped out of the car and ran across the airport to me! It was like a movie where they run across the airport in an emotional embrace.


My cousins, sister, and I

We were so excited to be together and have some time to hang out. The three days passed so quickly it was crazy! She had already made plans for a lot of things but we were still able to have some time together. It was nice for to be able to take a few days and just hangout with my family. I got to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and my grandma. I was really excited to hangout with my dog as well.


I got to meet up with my very pregnant friend Ali too!

The trip was over so soon and Tuesday I had to head back to the airport for my flight back to San Francisco. Unfortunately it was delayed a few hours as well and I didn’t end up back in SF until almost midnight. Thankfully my friend Rockii was able to switch me shifts and I didn’t have to work the next day until 1115 so I got some sleep before my 4 hour drive back home.


My cute Doggie who I miss so much!

All in all it was a great time visiting and surprising my sister made the exhaustion worth it!