Why Valentine’s Day is Strange


Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Valentine’s Day is such a weird day. People get all excited to celebrate love. They go out to overly expensive dinners (if they can get a reservation). They buy each other random things in red and pink. We get weird cards that say things like…


So what is all the hype out? It’s basically just another day to buy stuff for the other person that will 1 die, 2 get eaten, and 3 get thrown away. I used to work at a flower shop and Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day were crazy! We were so busy we barely had time to breathe. It was crazy how much money people would spend on arrangements there were just going to die in a week. I even delivered $60 arrangements to a cemetery (crazy).

Now I am not saying this because I am single and therefore bitter. In fact I am not bitter at all. I love being single. I don’t have to think of anyone else and can just be me all the time (more on singleness in another post).


Shouldn’t we just celebrate the people we love and show love every day. Why not buy flowers and chocolate (when they are not crazy expensive) and give them to someone on a random day? Why not tell people that we love them today, tomorrow, and every day? How do we know that we are going to live to see Valentine’s Day? How do we know that they will?

Love is not just a word that we say. Love is not giving someone a box of chocolates. Love is unconditionally giving of ourselves and sacrificing ourselves for another. I love the way CS Lewis puts it, “Love is unselfishly choosing for another’s highest good.” Christ showed love by sacrificing himself for us even when we are turning away from Him. Knowing that we would reject Him and spit in His face, He still chose to lay down His life for us. That is real LOVE. How can we show real love every day?


My sister and I were talking yesterday about Valentine’s Day and what we have done in the past and we both realized that we have never had a truly romantic, memorable valentine’s day. It has always been a disappointment. My favorites are the ones where I get to spend time with friends and family. It’s just another excuse to be together.

So instead of taking one day out of the year to show love and say “I love you,” I choose to say it every day and show it every day!

Who’s with me? What was your best or worst valentine’s day?


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