Writing Challenge 2014


Last Year well December 2011 through December 2012 I did a challenge every month. I used every month to do something that would make my life better. I really enjoyed doing it and feel like I learned a lot about myself and about who I wanted to be.

Since finishing that project I have been thinking and praying about what to do next to change my life. I have recently decided that I will write everyday for a year and chronicle things in my life to see what changes and what things the Lord does. I really want to write about the things that happen in my life, things I am thankful for, prayers and anything else that goes through my mind. I typically write every once in a while and love being able to look back on it and see what has changed especially what the Lord has changed in my heart. I really want to focus on things I am thankful for as well.

So starting yesterday I will be writing everyday. I know this is going to be challenging. I know some days it will feel like a burden and hopefully those days I will at least be able to write one word. I can’t wait to see what the Lord shows me and what He does in my life. I think a lot of things happen in a year and I really want to physically see what happens! The best part is my sister will be doing it as well. I am excited that we can do this and encourage each other to make sure we are both writing.

I won’t be posting them on here as I plan to make them very personal but I hope to from time to time give little snap shots of how I am doing and things that I am writing. I am excited to see how the Lord uses this to encourage me and to help me grow more in Him.

So here’s to seeing the beauty in life everyday!


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