Re-reading books


So I have been reading through Matthew in my devotions lately and it has been rocking my world. It is amazing how a book that you have read a million times and heard taught half a million times, still blows you away! That is exactly how I have felt the last few weeks.

Every morning I wake up and read the chapter or chapters for the day and that is exactly what the Lord has been teaching me or what I needed for that day. Like learning all over again how to forgive and how to let go of things that make you crazy! I’m learning all over again things like how much the Lord has forgiven us and we need to forgive others.

I love how much the word comes alive and fills us! It’s not like movies or books that after reading it or watching it a couple of times you know all the things that happen. (I hate rewatching movies and rereading books)

I so often get into a rut of not knowing what book to read for my devotions. I always feel like “I have read that so many times, I know everything in it.” I guess that’s what happens when you have been a Christian for a while and have taught through the Bible a few times. I have learned though and continue to learn that if you just open the word and read you will still get new things from something you have read a million times.

Take heart! Keep reading and open your Bible with an expectancy and a prayer to hear what the Lord has to say today!

What have you been learning in your devotions lately? What book have you read a million times and still can’t get enough of?


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