Spokane, WA



River Walk


By some unforeseeable circumstances I am living in Spokane Washington for the time being. I know you may be thinking…”wait didn’t you just go for Thanksgiving?” Well yes that is true, but I just didn’t leave. Some things happened while I have been here (no I am not getting married) and I decided I needed to stay for a while. “How long” you ask? I don’t know.

photo 1

I honestly don’t have answers to many questions. Not even my own. All I know is I am here until the Lord tells me to go somewhere else or my sister tells me to leave 🙂

image (3) image image (2) IMG_8626

Spokane is  a beautiful city. It is also very cold lately. As a southern California girl I do not own any real winter clothes (aside from snowboard clothes). When I first got here we went to Target and bought sweaters and I bought a jacket at Walmart. I didn’t realize how cold it would be.

image (1) image (4) photo 3

Thank the Lord I bought those clothes because last week it was in the single digits. Of course I am also in training for Ragnar Relay in April so I need to get out and run as well. That is a whole story on it’s own (check previous blogs).

So for now I am here praying about what to do next and excited to see what adventure waits around the corner.


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