Combination of All Blogs

Over the years I have had sooooo… many different blogs. Currently I have 4 That I try to keep updated and just can’t keep up with them all. So I decided recently to combine all of my blogs into ONE!!! All the other blogs are still up and working and everyone can still read them and check them out but, from now on I will just be updating this one with a little bit of everything! The 4 blogs I was trying to post to are My Personal Blog: That’s ME, My New Zealand blog, my Running Blog, and my Random Facts about Random Things blog. So if you want you can go back and check those past posts out but there won’t be anything new there.

On the right hand side of this site there is a categorizes menu, that will direct you to specific posts on this blog. SO, if you want to only read about my running and cycling posts you can just click that link 🙂

I will attempt to be better at updating my blog here.  Thank you to all my lovely followers sorry for being so crazy sometimes!




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